Trading financial assets with SABT

Part of the success of any investor is to enter into transactions in the context of his knowledge and interests, so SABT is keen to provide the largest number of financial assets available for trading, from traditional assets such as foreign currencies and metals to the digital currencies to give each trader the greatest amount of market opportunities no matter his interests and ambitions Finance.


Is a trading market that is considered among the widest and largest and depends on buying and selling foreign currencies. Is an effective market around the clock for 5 days a week, while the daily volume of foreign exchange to more than 6 billion US dollars per day. Major Currencies, such as the Euro, the US Dollar and the British Pound, can be traded, while others tend to trade in minor currencies such as the Canadian Dollar or New Zealand and more.

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If you read these words, you must have heard about Bitquin – or the digital currency – that began to sweep the trading market and its counterparts such as Altherrium, Ripple and the good in recent years to form a renaissance in the world of investment financial assets. These currencies are also known as virtual or encrypted currencies, and many traders consider it as an investment of the era, especially as it is witnessing developments and innovations all the time, which carries many trading opportunities.

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SABT offers the largest set of shares across our platform and is one of the most popular traditional financial assets. One of the advantages of stock trading is the daily familiarity between traders and major companies such as Apple, Amazon, Alibaba and others, which facilitates the process of tracking the movement of the stock to traders, which directly relate to the news and developments of these companies. When trading stocks, you invest in the CFDs on the company’s shares, which may be suitable for traders with limited capital.

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Indices are a bundle of major strong performance stocks combined in one value to reflect a comprehensive picture of a given market performance. For example, the Dow Jones Index is one of the most popular indexes of more than 30 US industrial companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. You can trade CFDs on indices as well as stock trading, making it a suitable financial asset for different categories of traders.

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Did you know that when you access the SABT platform you may find very successful trading opportunities on items you use daily? Or you may find it now in your home or even your fridge! Yes Dear Trader, Today you can open a buy or sell contract on the various commodity prices such as orange, corn and coffee. Today, instead of trading in tons of these commodities, you can open future deals based on commodity price differentials.

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Minerals and Energy Resources

Financial assets include the possibility of trading contracts on popular metals such as gold and silver, which has been considered from time immemorial to the present day safe haven for traders, where you can open long-term transactions on these metals because of the volatility of the price. Energy resources, on the other hand, are concentrated on the commodity market, primarily oil and natural gas, whose price is rapidly influenced by geopolitical factors, forming a dynamic trading market with many buying and selling opportunities.

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